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Fly Screens

Flies are unacceptable anywhere that food is prepared, stored or sold. The presence of flies can destroy confidence in the hygiene standards of an establishment. When flies crawl over food they can contaminate the surface with bacteria that can cause food poisoning, it is vital that an effective fly control strategy is present:

  • Exclusion the use of fly Screens to windows or doors
  • Restriction ensure flies cannot breed in food debris in or around the premises
  • Destruction use of electric fly killers to remove flies

Fly Screens are available for most types of window including sash, Casement, top hung centre pivot etc. Our range of screens are constructed from extruded aluminium and are available in a variety of dimensions to suit different applications.

Fly Door strip curtains

Fly door strip curtains are manufactured from strong, durable, polyester PVC coated woven fabric. The strips have turned stitched edges and stitched pockets at the bottom containing steel weights to restrict their movement in draughty doorways. The strips are overlapped and held securely at the top by a stainless steel holding bar, which can easily be removed for cleaning and storage when not required. Fly door strip curtains allow ventilation combined with good “see through” vision.

PVC strips fitted single door


Doors can be protected with rigid aluminium flyscreen door systems or flexible PVC strips /Fly door strip curtains.


Rigid door systemsPVC strips internal

Doors are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections strengthened by corner pieces, mid rails and kick plates. The doors can be fitted with closers, magnetic catches and handles. A variety of doors are available for different applications which can include extra strength versions for more robust commercial requirements.

Window screens

Window screens are generally constructed of white extruded aluminium 25mm x 11mm and 2mm thick, corner joints are external and constructed from high density plastic. The black nylon mesh is tensioned across the rear of the screen and held in place with a rubber spline which is invisible from the front.

All installations are individually priced and are dependant on the premises – to arrange your free no obligation survey; please contact our experienced Service Control Team by email or by calling us on 0800 7830011

Flyscreen fitted with remote winder Flyscreen fitted to sash window internally Flyscreen fitted externally (2)

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