New Rokiller Ceiling Discreet Electric Fly Killer

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New Rokiller Ceiling Discreet Electric Fly Killer


The SKY is the limit!

Innovative, discreet and stylish; the ROKILLER CEILING DISCREET is designed to fit easily and discreetly into suspended ceilings.

This easy to service unit is attractive and modern, making it perfect for front of house areas such as convenience stores and supermarkets where space is limited.

This discreet unit avoids the catch from being seen and prevents fly fall-out, enabling the unit to be mounted above aisles, controlling insect infestations in public spaces.

The ROKILLER CEILING DISCREET is discreet and also attracts insects from 360°, providing you with the very best control.

The durable metal unit is ideal for inclusion into new and existing suspended ceilings with tiles 24″ x 24″ / 600mm x 600mm

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