Common Autumn Pests

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Which insects and animals are heading inside

It is officially Autumn and it is always an interesting period in the pest control calendar. The transition between summer and winter sees a peak in pest activity with summer pests. For example, ants and wasps are still present and we also see the arrival of unwanted visitors looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter.

Rats and mice will often enter buildings during the Autumn and Rokill often sees an increase in requests for treatment at this time of year.

Fly Control

Numerous species of flies look to hibernate in our houses and offices – attics are particularly favoured. Cluster flies (Pollenia Rudis) can arrive in vast numbers. The cluster fly is an amazing insect, the larvae are parasites of earthworms and complete their lifecycle outside. For the buildings that these insects choose to overwinter, it can be quite unpleasant with numbers ranging from a handful of insects to literally thousands. The insects will often stir from overwintering on warmer days and their slow flight can be an irritation and they can also stain walls. This species is identified by golden hairs on its back and the body typically measures around 10mm.

A smaller fly that can also appear in huge numbers is the yellow swarming fly (Thaumatomyia Notata). Measuring around 3mm, this insect again completes it lifecycle outside with only the adult flies entering buildings to overwinter. Swarms can be so dense that they can look like smoke.

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