Rokill Bird proofing team’s pigeon dropping challenge!

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Cleaning up after a pigeon infestation

Our Bird proofing team are used to dealing with the removal of pigeon droppings. This type of work is not for everyone and they see really unpleasant conditions caused by pigeons on a regular basis, but even they were surprised by what they found in a plant room recently.

Our client is a national retailer and acquired this site fairly recently. Staff had reported unpleasant odours and asked us to inspect the premises.

Pigeons had gained access over many years and the droppings accumulated to a depth of 30cm – the smell was horrendous. The pigeons had gained access via a hole not much bigger than a letterbox. Our team identified the issue quickly and put a plan in place to rectify the situation.

The Rokill team worked through the night to avoid any disruption to the client’s daily operation. They painstakingly cleaned all areas, applied insecticide to deal with the insects and bird mites that were present, and bacteriacide to reduce any infection risk. The hole was proofed with wire mesh and the staff returned to work the following day delighted that the smell had vanished. The before and after pictures illustrate the great work our team carried out.

Bird Droppings Clean bird free area

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