Rodent Control in Berkshire

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Persistent Rat Problem

We have recently been dealing with a very persistent rat problem for one of our retail customers. The rats were emerging from a hole they had gnawed in the partition wall in the front of the store. Each night they would enter the store through this hole and feed from bags of pet food on the shelves.

Rat problem in Berkshire

Rodent Proofing Overnight

Although we could see the hole, it was difficult to reach to carry out proofing work. We therefore arranged an overnight visit. Two of our technicians attended along with a team of racking engineers. As soon as the store closed, the racking was demerchandised and then dismantled. This gave our technicians full access to the affected area. They began by enlarging the hole and then using a snake camera to check the void for access points. The camera revealed 5 live rats in the cavity! A large quantity of rodenticide was laid within the cavity of the partition wall. The guys then fixed MDF boards lined with galvanised wire mesh along the entire length of the partition wall, to ensure that rats were not able to gnaw through again.

Cleaning up after the pests

All the rodent droppings were cleared away and the area treated with bacteriacide, before the racking was reassembled and the shelves restocked ready for the store to open in the morning.

Rodent Proofing

Immediate resolution and a happy customer

Our customer was delighted with the results – stock damage ceased immediately and the rodenticide laid in the cavity ensured that all the rats were quickly eradicated.

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