Proudly Protecting Bristol Aerospace at Filton

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The Queen’s Royal Warrant Holders Rokill are delighted to be working in partnership with Bristol Aerospace at Filton, Rokill were chosen to protect the building and its contents. The museum opened in October 2017. It is the new home of the last Concorde Alpha Foxtrot. Capable of crossing the Atlantic in under three hours, Concorde cruised at over twice the speed of sound and reached an altitude of 60,000ft. Her passengers would marvel at the curvature of the Earth and look up at a blue-black sky, as they travelled at 1320mph and sipped Champagne on the edge of space. Concorde last flew in 2003. The state of the art centre contains missiles, satellites, planes including another icon the Sea Harrier. The family centered attraction was part funded with Heritage lottery funding. Click here to find out more

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