Where have the wasps gone?

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Wasps have been conspicuous by their absence this summer and has been a talking point amongst pest controllers.

Wasp nest removal in Bournemouth

Today we treated a really large and active nest in a block of flats in Bournemouth. The project was challenging because the wasps nest was situated inside a flat roof above the 4th floor mansard roof. Safe access was provided by our specialist access provider using a 21 metre cherry picker. Dave can be seen surveying the nest prior to treatment. Insecticidal dust is placed into the entrance of the nest and the wasps carry this through in to the heart of the nest and within 24 hours all the wasps will be dead. Wasp nests normally become inactive in October, November is quite late in the year for wasps to be active although we are sometimes called upon to treat very sluggish wasps when people go into the loft to find their Christmas decorations.


More information about our wasp nest removal service.

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