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Rokill is a sustainable pest control company, accredited by Planetmark.  We are constantly reviewing new and innovative products that come to market, they range from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Rodent control

Remote monitoring for pest activity is an option for carbon reduction by reducing the number of unnecessary technician visits to site. We have trialled many systems and been disappointed with their real-world reliability.  However, we are really excited by a new system that uses existing tried and tested rodent control traps in conjunction with the internet.  The new equipment incorporates sophisticated electronic technology into rat and mouse traps that allow the trap to communicate with a cloud based application via the LoRa network. The sophisticated electronics are protected inside the trap,from dust and water so can be used inside and outside.  They have an IP67 rating

The traps will communicate daily which gives your customers absolute confidence that if a rodent is caught a technician can be dispatched to remove the rodent, reset the trap and investigate further before the situation escalates.

Email alerts can be created to advise users (our customer as well as our pest management team) of rodent catches.  All electronic communication is double encrypted ensuring peace of mind.  Data is stored on the cloud, to allow site plans to be uploaded to detail the location of the traps and trend any pest activity. Battery life of the traps is 5 years.

Flying Insect Control/Monitoring

10 years ago, electronic fly killing units used a high voltage spark to kill insects with the inherent risk of bacterial contamination from exploding insects. The insects were attracted by ultra violet emitting fluorescent tubes powered by an inefficient iron ballast unit.

The next generation of units employed ultra violet fluorescent tubes powered by energy efficient electronic ballasts, reducing electric consumption by 32%.  The ultra violet tubes have also reduced in size, meaning that less glass is required……another energy saving.

Hygienic glueboard technology is now the norm for capture and retaining insects.

Insect control units continue to evolve with remote monitoring now an option.  This allows the numbers and species of insects captured to be analysed from a computer screen rather than standing at the unit. Such units will enable us to identify issues on site in real time.  This has the advantage of allowing investigation into the source of the activity to be conducted before issues escalate.

Ultra violet producing LED lighting will be used to further reduce energy consumption the use of raw materials when compared to fluorescent lighting.  LEDs will require renewal every 3 years instead of annual replacement of fluorescent tubes.

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