Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfection Service

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During the challenging and unprecedented global pandemic that we are currently experiencing, Rokill can supply essential support in the form of a fast response cleaning and disinfection service. Our team of technicians can attend sites where concerns have been raised about contamination of surfaces by individuals infected by Coronavirus. The virus can survive for at least 72 hours on hard surfaces. Even after this period, individuals may feel unsure about entering and working in areas where contamination may have occurred.

Our service includes –

  • Supply of method statements and risk assessments
  • Supply of MSDS for all chemicals used
  • Products proved to be effective against Coronavirus
  • Trained technicians with full Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fast response teams
  • Disinfection/clean of all hard surfaces and door handles using disposable clothes/paper towels/disposable mops (if required) soaked in a disinfectant known to kill viruses (such as the PX product range). 
  • Option for Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting treatment using PX ULV to ensure all surfaces within a building are treated
  • PDF report to confirm the areas that have been disinfected and the products used
  • Safe disposal of waste

Minimising risk, protecting public health and offering peace of mind that all appropriate actions and precautions have been taken.

Our service is designed to help give confidence to building occupants that their environment is safe and clean.

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