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Corporate Responsibility Policy -

Rokill defines corporate responsibility as action taken by the Company which positively impacts on our customers, our people, our suppliers and the communities around our businesses, and which includes and goes beyond our legal or regulatory obligations. Examples of our commitment to corporate responsibility include:

  • investing for the long term to bring out the best in our people
  • acting as a responsible shareholder;
  • investing in our communities;
  • engaging with customers;
  • managing our environmental impacts;
  • maintaining effective health and safety management systems.

The business is committed to corporate responsibility in order to enhance the value of the business and that of the Group as a whole. The nature of each business as well as local cultures and needs determine which issues are most relevant in our markets in addition to minimum standards set by the Group.

The Managing Director is responsible for advising the company on corporate responsibility matters.

We are committed to reporting on our corporate responsibility policies and actions annually, which will enable others to judge our performance. In shaping our particular approach to corporate responsibility, we engage with business and non-business interest groups to ensure that we fully understand their expectations of us and to ensure that our policies and programmes address relevant issues.

Rokill aims to set, maintain and promote high standards of corporate responsibility. As a pest control contractor providing services to a wide variety of clients, we believe that a positive record as a conscientious employer, acting responsibly and with integrity, will enhance our reputation. As such, we believe it can contribute to our long-term financial success and to our primary objective of achieving financial security for the business.

Rokill – March 2016Corporate Responsibility Policy View Corporate Responsibility Policy
Environmental Policy Statement +

Rokill Limited is committed to reducing the environmental impact of aII work undertaken by the company. Environmental considerations form a key part of our product approval process. We are committed to the disposal of all pest control related waste via “product stewardship schemes”. Our objective is to carry out work in a sensitive and careful manner to avoid any unnecessary environmental impact.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance and to support this commitment Rokill operate an environmental management system accredited and compliant with the ISO 14001 standard.

AII applicable legislation and regulations are adhered to at all times and it is company policy to keep up to date with and implement the requirements of all new environmental legislation.

The Managing Director, Director and Managers are responsible both individually and collectively for communicating to all employees the environmental needs of the company and for enacting the environmental policy of the company.

We set environmental objectives to drive improvements and these are regularly reviewed.

Rokill Environmental Policy 2016 View our Environmental Policy Statement PDF
Equal Opportunities Policy +

Policy Statement

Rokill Limited, (“the employer”,) is an equal opportunities employer. It is committed to a policy of treating all employees and applicants equally.

1. The employer will take all steps necessary to ensure that all employees and candidates are treated equally irrespective of their age, sex, colour, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability or trade union membership status.

2. All employees are expected to abide by the requirements of the Race Relations Act 1975, the Sex

Discrimination Act 1975 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. Discrimination is prohibited, (on the grounds mentioned above in 1,) in:

  • Treating any individual less favourably than others;
  • Imposing requirements or conditions on any aspect of employment without justification that could disadvantage individuals in any way,
  • victimization or harassment of an employee or any third party

3. The employer agrees to do its best to make adjustments to a position to ensure that a candidate or employee with a disability can be accommodated

4. The employer extends the policy to the delivery of its services and its dealings with clients, other service users, suppliers of goods and services to their staff.

Policy in Practice

The employer will appoint, train and develop, and promote individuals on the basis of merit and ability only.

Wherever possible, should a person with a disability have the necessary abilities and skills to undertake the duties of a position, the employer will adapt premises and make changes to the way in which a job is undertaken in order to accommodate such an individual.

Employees should draw the attention of their immediate superior to suspected discriminatory acts or practices.

Employees have a duty to co-operate with the employer to ensure that this policy is effective to ensure equal opportunities and prevent discrimination. Disciplinary action will be taken against the employee who is found to have discriminated against an individual (on the grounds mentioned above in 1.) Serious breaches of this equal opportunities policy will be treated as gross misconduct.

Responsibilities for Action

The General Manager will review the policy in action. This will take place on a regular basis and will include a review of the procedures and criteria used in selection and promotion decisions.

Employees must not harass or intimidate other employees or third parties, (on the grounds mentioned above in 1.) Such behaviour will be treated as gross misconduct in accordance with the disciplinary procedure.

Employees must not victimise or retaliate against an employee who has made allegations or complaints of discrimination, or provided information on such acts. Employees should support colleagues who suffer such treatment and are making a complaint.


Harassment is the treatment of one person by another which is unwanted by the recipient, offensive and unreasonable and that affects their dignity at work. Harassment includes physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct.

The employer is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with respect and dignity. No employee, client or other third party should feel threatened or intimidated (on the grounds mentioned above in 1.) The employer will not tolerate any behaviour that amounts to harassment on any of these grounds.

Rokill Equal Opportunities Policy 2016 View our Equal Opportunities Policy
Health and Safety Policy Statement +

Rokill Limited firmly believes in:

  • Providing a healthy and safe environment for their staff, customers and visitors and are committed to preventing injury and ill health.
  • Providing adequate resources and finances to ensure the safety and well-being of staff.
  • Ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, that their operations will not adversely affect the health and safety of people who may be affected by the business in whatever manner.

The company wholly accepts the aims and provisions of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other applicable legal requirements and recognises that foremost in its duties and responsibilities to its employees, customers and others is the need to provide and maintain safe, healthy and hygienic conditions and work practices.

The company also considers that all staff must be suitably qualified to carry out their particular functions and, consequently, accepts and invokes the need for adequate training.

The company also considers that its employees and sub-contractors have an individual responsibility for ensuring strict adherence to all company safety rules, guidelines and protocols as well as statutory requirements, and that they are obliged to co-operate with management in maintaining high standards of health and safety.

It is the intent of all management and staff at Rokill to apply the company safety policy and all current legislation appertaining to health and safety, and we firmly believe in the importance of our responsibilities regarding health and safety.

All staff at Rokill Limited are reminded via this document on the notice board and induction of their duty to:

1} pursue their duties in a safe manner with due regard to the health and safety of their colleagues, customers and other people who may be affected by them,

2} report any defects or hazards without delay to their line manager.

3} not carry out any Work at Height unless specifically trained

This document is made available to ALL interested parties.

Rokill Health and Safety Policy Statement 2016 View our Health and Safety Policy Statement PDF
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