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Food Manufacturing

The law states that food premises must be protected against external sources of contamination such as pests.

Premier +

We recommend this service for medium to large sized food manufacturing companies and their supply chain. It complies with the requirements and codes of practice of the BRC and major supermarkets, and can be amended to comply with M&S, Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and SALSA codes of practice.

Heat Treatment +

Rokill are committed to using innovative pest control techniques, which are both environmentally friendly and effective.

Heat Treatment is the organic and environmentally friendly way of treating insect infestations. Infested machinery is encased in protective sheeting and the air within heated. The temperature is monitored constantly using multiple temperature sensors connected to a laptop computer. Rokill’s Heat Treatment Technicians are highly trained to ensure optimum effectiveness of the treatment. At the end of the treatment, a graphical thermal record is produced to confirm the temperature of each sensor throughout the treatment.

Maintaining a temperature of 52° C (raised gently to prevent damage to machinery) for a period of 30 minutes is enough to kill all stages of the life cycle of most species of insects.

We recently treated a well known brewery, extensive cleaning of the equipment was carried out and despite looking pristine, they were shocked at the number of moth larvae that appeared from the cracks and crevices once heat was applied. In principle, we can treat any equipment that can be effectively enclosed with thermal sheeting, “if we can sheet it, we can heat it”.

Heat Treatments can be carried out without evacuating the surrounding area, as was necessary for methyl bromide fumigation treatments. Methyl bromide has been withdrawn for the majority of applications since January 2005 under the Montreal protocol. We are confident that heat treatment will play an increasingly important role in the treatment of insect pests in food production facilities.

Material Safety Data +

For more information on our materials, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheets

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