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Stored Product Insects

Moth Control for Textiles Pest Control In Warehouse

Moths and Beetles in Warehouses

Stored product insects include many species of beetles and moths that infest food. These insects do not spread disease but their presence can result in contamination of food, which can subsequently lead to prosecution.

These insects often live within production equipment and detailed professional treatment will be required to eradicate them.

Pest Controller in the South of England

Rokill has teams of pest control technicians in Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, London and Bristol, that can quickly attend your commercial premises to help with potential infestations.

Identifying a Pest Issue

What to look for:

  • Live or dead insects
  • Damage to stock and foodstuffs
  • Insect tracks or moth webbing

Potential Harm to Stock

  • Contamination of foodstuffs and goods

Commercial Consequences

  • Damage to processing machinery
  • Loss of valuable stock and foodstuffs
  • Damage to reputation, custom and income
  • Non-compliance with legislation may result in legal action
  • Infested grain can lead to problems with damp and mould

How Rokill can helpPest Trap

  • Identification of the problem species by one of our qualified technicians
  • Use of appropriate insecticides, heat treatment and cleaning
  • Treatment using pheromones
  • Regular inspections and monitoring for long-term peace of mind, prevention and eradication.

We can provide a free, no obligation survey for commercial premises; please contact our friendly and experienced service control team on 0800 783 0011, or email us and we will be happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

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