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Ant Extermination and Removal

Ant Nest Flying Ants

Ant control, extermination and removal services throughout Dorset, Hampshire, London, Devon, Surrey and Somerset.

Garden Ant Control

Garden ants are one of the commonest insects found in the UK. They forage extensively for food, with a preference for sweet foodstuffs. Their presence in your home can be distressing. Large numbers can congregate in kitchens and other areas. During the summer large numbers of flying ants emerge from the nest in the late afternoon, fortunately these periods of intense activity are short lived. Aside from raiding people’s kitchens, ants obtain food mostly from Aphids.

Identification of an Ant Problem

  • Living ants
  • Ant pathways into and out of your home
  • Ant nesting sites with small piles of earth

Potential Risks from Ants

Rokill’s Treatment of Ants

  • Identification and location of ants
  • Treatment of the nest and surfaces
  • Advise on proofing access points against Garden Ants

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