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Flea Pest Control

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Infestation from household pets

Domestic pets are a source of pleasure and often viewed as a member of the family, so it is important to take advice from your vet on the treatment of biting insects. Fleas are parasites that feed on blood and will readily bite humans, and if an animal is untreated a large number can develop. People vary in their reaction to bites: sometimes one individual may have numerous bites and another would show no symptoms. Effective treatment is essential to eradicate fleas from the property.

Does my pet or home have fleas?

What to look for:

  • Live fleas in pet’s fur or in areas in which they sleep
  • Skin irritation (a raised welt with a small red dot within)

Are fleas dangerous to humans?

Fleas aren’t considered a major risk to humans but they can cause distress, discomfort and anxiety to pets and people alike.

Rokill’s Flea Control Service

  • Identification of the species
  • Insecticidal spray treatments of the property

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