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Flies Around the Home

Nobody likes flies in their home, the key to effective control is understanding what species of fly is causing the problem and whenever possible to treat the source of the insects. Cluster flies enter buildings in the autumn to hibernate and these insects can accumulate in large numbers. Cluster flies leave the premises Mar/Apr and may become more active at times of warmer weather. Other species of fly can enter homes and their presence can cause distress and hygiene concerns.

Do I have a fly infestation?

What to look for:
Fly Infestation

  • Dead and living flies
  • Droppings or fly spots
  • Fly Larva i.e. Maggots

Risks from Flies

  • Contamination of food
  • Spread of disease
  • Perception of poor hygiene standards

Getting rid of a fly infestation

  • Fly species identification
  • Remove the breeding area for long term control
  • Use of fly screens
  • Extermination with pesticide free electric fly killers
  • Regular inspection visits from one of our qualified technicians to prevent recurrence

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