Rat mat protection for vehicles against rodents



Vehicles, can be targeted by rodents for harbourage, if left unattended for extended periods of time. Rats can cause extensive damage to vehicles gnawing through electrical cables, pipework and upholstery. All of which will be expensive and time consuming to put right. Even more distressing if it’s a classic car.



RatMat is an innovative, humane and cost-effective solution to protect property from rodents.

The rat mat works in a similar way as an electric fence, protecting an area or property and uses a very low energy pulse as a deterrent to rodents venturing into or over the protected area. The control box is able to deliver a low energy repelling shock more than 25m from the power source in ideal conditions.

The Rat Mat can be used to protect a variety of high value items such as cars, motorcycles, machinery and it can also be used as a barrier on the entrance of garages, warehouses, to product racking or quarantining parts and equipment that needs to be stored for extended periods of time.

The rat mat can be used both indoors and outdoors on a hard surface i.e. concrete but should not be laid on carpet, underlay, bare earth or gravel for instance. It also doubles as a hard wearing floor surface and can be swept, hoovered and even pressure washed (please ensure rat mat is turned off prior to washing).

Rat mat can be secured to the floor with the appropriate screws/fixings to prevent slippage or damage if you are driving forklifts or other vehicles onto the mat regularly.

Each tile measures 310mm x 310mm and can be clipped together and is very scalable. The Parts required are the tiles, edges and corners and the energiser unit.


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