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Pests in Foodstuffs

 Moth on fabric Weevil in rice

Beetles, Moths and Weevils

This group of insects covers many species of moths and beetles that infest our foodstuffs. They have been associated with our food for thousands of years. Sailors used to tap ships biscuits before eating them to dislodge weevils. Today flour beetle, flour moth, rice weevil and grain weevil are still found in domestic foods and cupboards. Whilst they do not spread disease their presence in our food is unpleasant and can be distressing.

Pests in Your Kitchen

Working in Southampton, Bournemouth, Reading, Exeter, London and Portsmouth we can quickly come and address any pest issues you may have in your home.

Do I have pests in my food or cupboards?

What to look for:

  • Dead or alive insects
  • Contamination and damage to foodstuffs
  • Moth webbing or insect tracks

Are flour moths and beetles, or rice and grain weevils harmful?

  • Contamination of foodstuffs and goodsblack_stripe_moth_trap
Rokill’s Household Pest Control

One of our qualified technicians will visit your home and identify the species of pest. Following this we will use the appropriate pesticides and offer advice for cleaning. Finally we will provide insect monitors so you can easily see if you have a problem in the future.

We can provide a free, no obligation quotation; please contact our friendly and experienced service control team on 0800 783 0011, or email us and we will be happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

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