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Wasp Nest Removal


Wasps can be nuisance and the presence of a nest in your home can be distressing. Thankfully Rokill can provide a safe and efficient service with treatment guaranteed to kill the nest.

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With expert teams throughout the South we can quickly dispatch a trained technician to your location. If you live in Bournemouth, London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Reading, Exeter or indeed in the South, contact us for a free quote or advice.

Removal of Bees Nest

Bees are beneficial and nests should only be treated when they pose a safety risk. When a nest is treated the honeycomb should be removed and the entrance holes sealed to deny access to bees from other nests. We will only treat if a beekeeper cannot remove the bees and they pose a genuine health & safety risk.

Do I have a wasp or bee nest in my home?

What to look for:

  • Live or dead bees or wasps
  • Wasp or bees nest in your loft or in trees and bushes
  • Increased amount of wasps near your home

Why wasps can be an annoyance

Some of the problems:

  • Contamination of food and drinks
  • Threat of being stung— some people are allergic to wasp or bee stings (Anaphylaxis)
  • The presence of a wasp’s nest in the garden can spoil your enjoyment

How can I get rid of a wasp or bees nest?

Rokill can help:

  • One of our qualified technicians will identify and carry out a treatment which is guaranteed
  • Proof your premises with insect screens and doors if necessary
  • Supply pesticide free Electronic Fly Killers which are highly effective against wasps
  • Provide advice on the use of wasp traps or wasp banes to reduce wasp activity in gardens

Wasp Nest Activity

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