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Rokill provides pest control services in Southampton and Hampshire and has done for over 30 years. Whilst Southampton has a variety of pests the ones we are most often called to deal with are rats and mice.

About Southampton

Southampton is a port city on the south coast of England, in the county of Hampshire. It is one of the main departure ports for the cruise liner industry. The city also boasts a thriving quayside shopping and entertainment area. The weather, as with all of England and the UK is temperate and changeable.

Pest Control Southampton

How pests come into Southampton

Historically, pests would have been introduced to the city as stowaways brought in on ships. With modern screening and prevention methods, this is now minimal, though exotic species are occasionally brought in on fresh fruit product.

Rodents and their control

Rodent activity is common in the port and quay areas of Southampton, attracted by the availability of food and cover. The two most important rodent species are the House Mouse & The Brown Rat.

Rat Control in Southampton

Brown rats or Rattus norvegicus live in small colonies consisting of a small number of males and a larger number of females. Rats will happily travel moderate distances when resources are in short supply, but when food is abundant will live in smaller areas.

Rat Control Southampton

Resistance to rodenticides – Super rats

In some areas of the UK, including Southampton, brown rats have developed resistance to rodenticides which makes controlling populations more difficult. Rokill Pest Control are actively involved in the research of resistance to rodenticides and have a number of other methods for dealing with populations of rats.

How rats can affect your home or business

Rats can spread bacteria such as salmonella and Weils disease along with causing damage to stock, buildings and electrical wiring. For some businesses rat infestations can force temporary closure and will inevitably have a negative effect on reputation, not to mention the fines and potential legal action which could arise. Controlling rats and preventing them establishing a population are vital to avoid these risks.

Key facts about brown rats

  • Show a behaviour known as ‘Neophobia’, which is a fear of new objects.
  • Their droppings are Cylindrical, blunt ended and around 12 mm long and can produce 40 per day
  • Fresh droppings will look soft and wet when fresh but will harden after a couple of weeks.
  • Droppings are often concentrated in certain areas
  • A rat produces around 5.5 litres of urine a year
  • Gnawed materials. Rats’ front teeth grow 11 to 14 centimetres each year. Rats wear them down by continuously gnawing on everything around them, including cement, brick, wood, lead pipes.

How Rokill Controls Rat Populations

We provide regular inspection and implement prevention methods to avoid large scale infestations. Should we or you find evidence of rats we’ll first look to treat them with a selection of rodenticides and subsequently look at proofing your premises to avoid their re-entry.

Mice Control in Southampton

The House Mouse or Mus domesticus are common throughout the UK and particular Southampton and Hampshire.  They are naturally curious mammals and usually investigate unfamiliar objects. They live in small colonies and will travel short distances for food and other resources.

Mouse Control in Southampton

Key Facts about mice

  • Normally no need access to water as they can extract enough moisture from the food that they ingest
  • Their droppings are black/brown normally, around 5-7mm in length, cylindrical with pointed ends
  • Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as 6 millimetres

Do I have a mouse problem?

To identify a mouse or mice problem in your property you need to look for some of the key signs of their presence. These include:

  • Mouse Droppings
  • Chewed clothing and fabrics
  • Cardboard and insulation used for nesting

Treating and preventing a mice infestation

If you have noticed some of the signs of an infestation the first thing to do is call us and have one of our expert pest controllers visit your premises for inspection. We will be able to quickly identify the species of mouse and offer a plan for removing them.

Pest Control Services In Southampton

We have expert pest control technicians located throughout Southampton and Hampshire ready to respond to infestations. With over 30 years of experience and holding the Royal Warrant for Pest Control Services you can be sure that you’re in safe hands and dealing with experts in the field.

Pest Control Reviews in Hampshire

Some feedback from our pest control customers in the Hampshire area.

Set bait and traps to catch a mouse in Southampton 10/10

“By far these guys offered to best service. I could have hoped for. Over and above expectation, friendly and reasonably priced.”

Remove rats from attic and bait garden and inside home in Southampton. 10/10

“Very efficient and thorough. Polite and friendly staff. Would recommend and use again. Very happy with work carried out.”

Mole removal in Lyndhurst 10/10

“Very good, knowledgeable and polite, very satisfied.”

Rodent traps checked. In Lymington – 10/10

“Professional at all times, information given up front about proposed quote and cost. Prompt and on time.”

Removal of two wasp nests in Southampton – 10/10

“Friendly, polite, very prompt action, excellent professional service.”

Wasp nest destroyed in Southampton – 10/10

“Very efficient service, came out same day all was explained + handled professionally.”

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